👋 Hey there, I'm Chris

Lover of good customer experience, well-organized help documentation, and customer advocacy.

Here to help make your customers smile when the company name hits their inbox.

Companies who have trusted me.

Fun facts about me

I love hiking

Despite my lack of navigational skills, hiking has always been my go-to weekend excursion. Current favorite: Orange, NH's: Mount Cardigan.

Dogs and cats

Call it indecisive, I call it a lovely medium. From an afternoon run with my Airedale Sophie to my cat Jack laying on my keyboard while I try to write a help document.

Here for an adventure

From Cape Cod to Italy, always here to talk travel, and explore the world around us.

What I draw from


Helping people is all about people, so the secret key lies within understanding them.

Being a people-person

Loving to put a smile on someone's face is the best intrinsic motivator for an incredible support team.

I've always loved staying busy.

From implementing Salesforce and Sales Operations at a $17M company while a senior in high school to leading Customer Success as a sophomore in college, I've always been drawn to the world of SaaS.