Tips for Boston Photoshoots!

I want to reveal some of my biggest tips for photoshoots in Boston both for Models & Photographers!

Tips for Boston Photoshoots!
- Locations -

I find the BEST location to shoot in is around Acorn Street, or near Dartmouth Street (Boston) these locations give character to the photo shoot with the amazing walls and graphics!

I also, highly recommend shooting on a basketball court!

- Challenging Yourself -

I have a little saying for shooting in Boston, "If I know where I am, it's boring." This is the reason for why I always bring a portable phone charger so at the end of the day I can use Google Maps & Lyft.

Shooting somewhere you're completely unfamiliar with, will challenge you and really make you think.

Once you get good at making anything look good, then you should start planning exact locations and specific moods... believe me it helps doing it in this order, because, once you are good at working with the unexpected, the expected is 10 times easier.

Boston Downtown Photoshoot!

- Explore -

Go into downtown Boston, without a camera and without a model and with a friend, and just explore. Doing this helps you find locations you love, when you find one take a photo of it on your phone (make sure location services are on). This will help you find it again and at the end of the day you can look back and decide which you want to shoot at asap and which can be backup spots.

- Rooftops -

They're the hardest thing to find, but, once you find one, the search will be 100% worth it!

Most apartments have nice little rooftops, of course, now you just have to find a way into the apartment complex.

- Conclusion -

Boston is full of amazing places, so go explore! Share your best Boston photos with us by using #BostonWithChris

 Images above are not live, this is due to the fact we don't own other's images, therefore, we're only able to display our own on our site. Please click  here  to go to the live feed.

Images above are not live, this is due to the fact we don't own other's images, therefore, we're only able to display our own on our site. Please click here to go to the live feed.

Why I Photograph Weddings!

I get this question often, the simple question every person setting out to photograph weddings should come prepared with.

I photograph weddings because I love creating photos people will remember, photos that will stay with them. I love capturing the moments that brides and grooms never want to forget.

My Full Story;

I began in photography not knowing what to do or what I wanted to do, after a while of working with modeling agencies and getting better at photography I approached a photography company and asked in they needed any help for weddings or photo shoots and I got an interview! After that, I was thrown into one of the hardest weddings I have worked to date. This crash course taught me a lot of what to do and what not to do. I over the course of being a wedding photographer have loved capturing every moment of a person's wedding and providing them with images they will love and cherish.

bride putting on her earring
brides dress being buttoned

Thank you for reading!


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A Day in NYC

This summer I had the joy of going to NYC and working with RED NYC (models)


Also, Devan really recommends visiting Rainbow Bagel

We began the day by coming in on the train from BOS and it was a longggg ride, but, we made it!

After leaving the station we found our way over to Time Square (after an embarrassing number of mistakes)

Then we explored American Eagle in Time Square, which was weirdly empty... and very tempting for spending the rest of the NYC Budget.

giphy (2).gif

After exploring and almost running out of self control we went and met up with our first group of models and went to a little rooftop bar

After getting bored of this rooftop we decided to venture around the city and came across a different rooftop that made for so much better photos

After two more shoots, we called it a day, took an uber and got Boba Tea (inspired by Lena Mirisola)

giphy (3).gif

Then we walked around a little more and took the train home, see you again soon NYC!


Who is Devan: She is a friend from boston who models w/ TBW