Making the First Call

I guess we all know how to make a phone call but you're probably wondering why they aren't booking after that call... right?

So, here are a few tips on how to make that call go amazing!

1. Do you have a computer nearby?

Sounds silly right, you called them on their phone and now are asking them for their computer... however, I highly suggest using an app like to share your screen and show them what you send client! This not only displays your amazing work but it also, gives them something to look at, we're visual people so looking at something will make us more interested in what you have to say! 

2. Tell me more!

We all get caught up in the sales pitch, which is great I mean you want them to book, but what happens when you meet them, what do you know about them? I use four simple questions that always start a conversation.

1. What made you chose that church/venue?

2. How did you two meet?

3. When did you two get engaged?

4. How'd he pop the question?


Keep in mind.

This is a friendly convo not an interview.

3. End with a call to action

Never end a call without one, always say something like, "Lovely speaking with you, I'll send you a quick email so we can plan our meeting date!" or "Amazing talking with you, so excited for your wedding, I'll send you an email so you can see our full portfolio and go from there."

These reinforce a follow-up and don't just end the conversation it extends it to a new platform

4. Texts are always good.

Ever get a call from a number you don't know, we all have... and most of the time you don't answer! Send a text 3-5 minutes before you call saying who you are and why you're calling and ask if now would work or later. This not only gives them your number but also helps them remember who you are.

5. Schedule a follow-up call.

At the end of every call, I ask what time next week would work for them this is because a lot of changes can happen in a week and I want to be on top of what changes and how I can help. This follow-up also makes them realize that we're here and thinking of their wedding.

6. Be energetic!

Have you noticed my last few tips end with a period? Guess what, brides & grooms what you to be happy they're getting married so adding a little "So happy to hear about your wedding!!" will usually add a lot of personality.

In summary: Try new things, try beginning the call as just a conversation and then working it into a business converstation about their budget!