A Day in NYC

This summer I had the joy of going to NYC and working with RED NYC (models)


Also, Devan really recommends visiting Rainbow Bagel

We began the day by coming in on the train from BOS and it was a longggg ride, but, we made it!

After leaving the station we found our way over to Time Square (after an embarrassing number of mistakes)

Then we explored American Eagle in Time Square, which was weirdly empty... and very tempting for spending the rest of the NYC Budget.

giphy (2).gif

After exploring and almost running out of self control we went and met up with our first group of models and went to a little rooftop bar

After getting bored of this rooftop we decided to venture around the city and came across a different rooftop that made for so much better photos

After two more shoots, we called it a day, took an uber and got Boba Tea (inspired by Lena Mirisola)

giphy (3).gif

Then we walked around a little more and took the train home, see you again soon NYC!


Who is Devan: She is a friend from boston who models w/ TBW