Using Unstack to Build

By Chris Cardone

Let's be honest, as a marketer, especially a marketing consultant, I am always building a website for a client, delivering it, they love it, then, a month later they want photos, copy, content, and form changed.

Yes, this is great for me because it puts a little cash in my pocket, however, servicing these requests takes time, it also takes away from that client's success.

So, over the past few months I have searched high and low for a tool which will allow me to build something amazing, deliver it, and provide the company the power to edit it to their needs WITHOUT breaking the style.

Major emphasis on not breaking the style, because all these drag-and-drop builder say they can do that, then the client doesn't understand how the style should flow, or they don't have preset elements/content blocks to build with.

Unstack came to my rescue, and truthfully, I don't know where I would be without it - I can now produce sites faster, service more clients, and truly feel confident that I am setting a client up for success.