Why I Photograph Weddings!

I get this question often, the simple question every person setting out to photograph weddings should come prepared with.

I photograph weddings because I love creating photos people will remember, photos that will stay with them. I love capturing the moments that brides and grooms never want to forget.

My Full Story;

I began in photography not knowing what to do or what I wanted to do, after a while of working with modeling agencies and getting better at photography I approached a photography company and asked in they needed any help for weddings or photo shoots and I got an interview! After that, I was thrown into one of the hardest weddings I have worked to date. This crash course taught me a lot of what to do and what not to do. I over the course of being a wedding photographer have loved capturing every moment of a person's wedding and providing them with images they will love and cherish.

bride putting on her earring
brides dress being buttoned

Thank you for reading!


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