my resumé

Experienced customer success and marketing professional with speciality in B2B SaaS.
About Me
Experienced in customer-facing roles for SaaS companies. Skilled in project planning/management, customer enablement, account-team management, and problem-solving. Proven results-deliverer and trusted advisor to my customers.
Quick Facts
- Boston, MA based
- Experience as a leader and contributor on customer success team
- Have managed 6.5M+ in ARR
Enlisted to Drift to first join the scale team and take ownership of the 1.8k customers that fell into our scope. This amounted to over 8.5M in ARR managed by scale. During my time on this team, focused on deploying a meaningful and repeatable strategy to continue customer's time with us, delivering meaningful education, and provide a reactive response to preventing churn once proactive attempts have failed.

After designing these strategies, I was promoted into a role as a Customer Success Manager on the Growth team where I directly manage over 2.4M in ARR across my book of business.

- Deliver Executive Business Reviews
- Drive forward strategic alignment to customers' business goals
- Project manage the deployment of high-level strategic recommendations to further the ROI customers are seeing
- Provide consultative advising to customers to further their conversational marketing deployment
Customer Success Manager, Growth
Jun 2021 – Present
Assoc. Customer Success Manager, Scale
Mar 2021 – Jun 2021
Designed the first customer onboarding, customer in-app workflow, and customer enrichment experience. Managed over 185+ customers at different milestones, industries, and use cases. Wrote and designed a self-service documentation site of over 150 articles detailing the product and answering 32% of common questions. Directed the webinar program which was our largest net-new lead producer for 2020. Introduced a Slack community and grew it to over 400+ users and developed engagement strategies.

- Managed Customer Support and Success program for 185+ customers at differing milestones
- Built entire self-service product documentation, writing and maintaining over 150 articles
- Designed and delivered customer education campaigns and in-app user onboarding flows
- Created webinar program, working with outside partners and internal stakeholders on planning, marketing, and execution
- Built customer Slack community strategy for long-tail engagement and customer education
- Reduced churn through enhanced customer engagement - relationship building, systematic outreach, and strategy save programs
- Achieved #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt twice
Lead, Customer Success
Jan 2020 – Mar 2021
Joined to implement the HubSpot CRM and CMS and provide a unified view into the customer journey. Developed onboarding workflows, customer marketing emails, and managed our social strategy and “brand voice.” Managed the “NextCMO” meetups to become a thought-leader and empower marketers in Boston, MA.

- Created social media outreach communication style and tonality.
- Implemented HubSpot CRM, workflows, and Blogging CMS for SEO improvements.
- Managed transition from WordPress to HubSpot.
- Implemented email marketing program for customer engagement.
Marketing Specialist
Feb 2018 – Jan 2020
Implemented Salesforce, Pardot, and Calendly for a team previously using an in-house CRM. Lead training session and strategic use planning for a team of nine sales representatives, three VPs, and a C-level to ensure proper usage. Designed advertising, customer marketing, and developed the first digital customer marketing program.

- Responsible for new product line marketing to existing customers.
- Managed marketing for upcoming events, partner communications, and co-marketing.
- Designed advertising campaigns for physical and digital.
- Trained sales representatives on new technology.
- Automated customer email and outreach program.
New England Ice Cream
Salesforce Admin and Customer Engagement
Nov 2018 – May 2019