My Resumé

Where I've been, what I've done.

Selected positions...

A selection of my titles and efforts at different companies.

  • Plannuh, Inc. (Marketing Intern)

    Implemented Hubspot as a CRM, content tool, and marketing platform. Additionally, led content creation and social marketing during our BETA stage.

  • C&C Design Studio (Sales Manager)

    Rebuilt the company inside and out, redesigned the website, logo, processes, and customer approach. Put a new coat of paint along with improved tech stack, leading to a 120% rise in sales YTY.

  • New England Ice Cream (Salesforce Consultant)

    - Implemented Salesforce into the companies Sales and Marketing Stack.

    - Led training for the C/VP-Suite and 8 Full-time Sales Representatives.

    - Managed the setup and deployment of our Salesforce data structure.

    - Built out the customized strategy for deployment and adoption of Salesforce across the company.

  • Mabrouk Imports (Website Consultant)

    Redesigned their website from an HTML based silo to a responsive store front which created a new revenue channel through online sales.

Educational extracurriculars...

A selection of my additional activities in academia.

  • University of Massachusetts Lowell, Honors College

    Pursuing a B.S. in Business with minors in English and Psychology.

  • Student Government (UMass Lowell)

    Became a senator for the Manning School of Business to voice my peers to the administration and be a catalyst for change.

  • Marketing Society (UMass Lowell)

    Building upon my skills in marketing with other students in addition to building connections with local companies.

  • Salesforce Society (UMass Lowell)

    Furthering my knowledge of the Salesforce platform through "Trailhead Tuesdays" and other events held by the organization.

Kind words from previous employers and educators...

A selection of quotations from letters of recommendation written by my previous educators and employers.

I have spent more than 30 years in marketing and product development, including 5 years as the chief marketing officer of a $2B software company, and of the thousands of people who I managed during that time, Chris stands out as one of the most talented.

Peter Mahoney

CEO of Plannuh, Inc.

Christopher's academic accomplishments are rivaled by his personal strengths. He has demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievements while maintaining a clear sense of focus and purpose.

Cristina Guillermo

Spanish Teacher, Norton High School


Currently, I am with Unstack, however, please feel free to ping me at!